Fun Boy Three "Waiting" 1983 Londres

Fun Boy Three  "Waiting" 1983 Londres

Fun Boy Three:

For fans bowled over by their debut disc's heady and minimalist mix of tribal percussion, expressionist camp, and distinctly un-ska-like songs (scant residuals here from the trio's time with the Specials), Fun Boy Three's second album, Waiting, with its slicker production and decidedly more pop-flavored sound, was probably something of a shock. But what an enjoyable jolt it was. Along with the Terry Hall-penned "Our Lips Are Sealed" (also a Go-Go's hit), other highlights include the cinematically tango-tinged "Things We Do" and the spookily playful "We're Having All the Fun." The disc also features plenty of the band's wry and spot-on lyrics, which range from the comical strains of the ganja cut "Farm Yard Connecting" to an account of child molestation in "Fancy That." Topped off with David Byrne's fine production work, Waiting ranks way beyond the second-rate status it often gets saddled with.        ~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide



01- "Murder She Said" (Instrumental) (R.W. Goodwin) 01:57

02- "The More I See (The Less I Believe)" 03:38

03- "Going Home" 03:36

04- "We're Having All the Fun" 02:51

05- "The Farm Yard Connection" 02:46

06- "The Tunnel of Love" (Golding/Hall/Staples) 03:05

07- "Our Lips Are Sealed" (Hall/Jane Wiedlin) 03:32

08- "The Pressure of Life (Takes the Weight Off the Body)" 03:06

09- "Things We Do" 03:32

10- "Well Fancy That!" 02:59


Geraldo Darbilly - percussion

Terry Hall - vocals

Neville Staples - percussion, vocals

Lynval Golding - guitar, vocals

David Byrne - guitar, producer, mixing

Nicky Holland - keyboards, vocals, arranger

Ingrid Schroeder - vocals

Bethan Peters - bass guitar, vocals

June Miles-Kingston - drums, vocals

Dick Cuthell - cornet

Annie Whitehead - trombone

Caroline LaVelle - cello

Released: 1983   Label: Chrysalis